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SunPower Commercial Commercial Regional Dealer of the Year 2013With our committed in-house design and solar installation team and award winning services, Ross Solar Group can offer your home and business a full turnkey solar panel solution. Our efficient business model allows us to keep our solar roof panel systems competitively priced, while providing our customers with the highest-quality solar installations. We provide solar solutions for homes and businesses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

Residential solar home owners receive the benefits of state cash rebates, a 30% federal tax credit, and the ability for net metering, or spinning your meter backwards. Commercial solar electric owners receive the benefits of state incentives, a 30% federal tax credit, accelerated depreciation, and net metering.

Ross Solar Group is an eligible solar installer under every major photovoltaic incentive program in the Northeast, including the:

Latest Projects



Newburg, New York

Ross Solar Group completes a roof top commercial solar installation for Walmart. The 440kW solar energy system is was installed at Walmart’s Newburgh, NY location.

In September 2012, we completed the PV installation of a 440kW roof mounted solar array on behalf of Solar City for the Walmart facility in Newburgh, NY.  View project details.

Just Bagels, New York

Just Bagels

Bronx, New York

Ross Solar Group installed a 100kW solar project using Sunpower SER 228 watt panels. The system was installed using a steel dunnage system to accommodate the roof layout. View.


Sunpower Elite DealerRoss Solar Group has been designated as New England’s first Sunpower Elite Dealer.


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