Connecticut Solar Grants, Rebates, and Credits

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Connecticut Green Bank Programs

The Connecticut Green Bank leverages public and private funds to accelerate the growth of green energy in Connecticut. To achieve this mission the programs are focused primarily on financing and other expenditures to facilitate and stimulate private investment. For Ross Solar Group customers, we think there are two primary programs of value.

Solar Purchase Incentives

The Connecticut Green Bank offers an incentive titled the Expected Performance Based-Buydown (EPBB). This program provides you with an upfront cost reduction paid directly to your installer and based on meeting solar energy system design characteristics. We at Ross Solar Group are well versed in the requirements and can give you an array of options to ensure maximum EPBB benefits are shared with you. The general details are as follows:

  • $0.54 per watt for the first 10,000 watts
  • $0.40 per watt for the next 10,000 watts
  • No impact on the 30% Federal Tax Credit

Solar Leasing Incentives

The Connecticut Green Bank also offers a solar lease option. The Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) is designed to allow homeowners to benefit from solar PV systems for little to no upfront cost. This lease structure allows for third party ownership (TPO) of the solar energy system installed on your home. You you enter into a long term contract with the TPO under negotiated terms. The PBI allows $0.054 per kWh of production.

For the typical residential systems installed by Ross Solar, we would predicted savings in the range of $250 to about $575 per year. These savings should be shared via the TPO contract with you.


Connecticut Net Metering Programs

Net Metering refers to a state established program in which your solar energy system is connected to your local power grid, while also allowing for any surplus power to be transmitted at any time. A bi-directional meter will track both the transmitted surplus as well as the electricity supplied and purchased from the utility. See more here in our FAQ section.

The state currently allows for homeowners and businesses to participate as active, system owners and also through passive means by contracting with offsite system owners. For homeowners and small businesses, the standard program stands out. Here are the three primary divisions:

Standard – the two primary investor owned utilities (IOU), Eversource and UI, are required to provide net metering to solar energy generating customers whose capacity doesn’t exceed 2MW. As of today, there is no aggregate limit on the IOUs for total capacity of net metering allowed, although there are many policy discussions about setting limits and changing fees. Net excess generation (NEG) for the year is paid by the utility to the ratepayer to cover “avoided cost of wholesale power” for the utility.

Virtual – Virtual net metering allows one host site to share output with either 5 or 10 other accounts, provided all are within the same utility service territory. The host site must contract with “beneficial accounts” at other sites, limited by the nature of those accounts (for example, municipal and limited to 5 or agricultural and limited to 10, etc.). Whenever the host customer produces more electricity than it consumes, the excess electricity will be credited to the beneficial accounts using a formula that changes each of the first three years. Because this is targeted at larger sized installations, it isn’t popular with homeowners. We will cover this in more detail at a later time.

Experimental – Shared Clean Energy Program – In 2015 the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) created a two year pilot “shared energy facility program”. It caps the two IOUs at 2MW (UI) and 4MW (Eversource) of total site capacity of shared energy. This allows a “community” net metering arrangement, where a facility owner can sell the power to subscribed buyers. Because this is so limited in size and scope, we will simply announce it and track it for the future.



As of July 2015, HB 6838 was signed by the governor extending some existing programs managed by the Connecticut Green Energy Bank as well as adding some new incentives and benefits. As it normally takes time to fully administer new programs, we introduce the intents and targets for now:

  • Creates solar home renewable energy credits (SHRECs) which are owned by the Green Bank and generated as residential PV systems produce a prescribed level of electricity.
  • Requires electric distribution companies to purchase SHRECs from the Green Bank

SHRECs are renewable energy credits created for each megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity produced by qualifying residential solar PV systems that receive approved incentives from the Green Bank on or after January 1, 2015.

Revisit this page in the future to find timely updates about the implementation.

Solarize Connecticut

Solarize Connecticut (Solarize CT) is a program designed to encourage the adoption of residential solar systems by education, and marketing with a tiered pricing structure that provides increased savings to homeowners as more people in one community go solar. Ross Solar Group is proud to be one of the most heavily awarded companies helping more Connecticut towns go solar. Learn more about Solarize CT, or get the details on solar incentives in your town. Here are our most recent programs:

A sampling of past programs:


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