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New Jersey Grants, Rebates, and Credits

“I simply cannot believe that the roof has produced $2,040 in SRECS in the past calendar year, giving that the panels have only been up since April, 2011. I could not be more than pleased!!” John B  Ridgefield, NJ

Since 2007, the Ross Solar Group has installed over 7 megawatts worth of solar panels in New Jersey and throughout the Northeast. That’s enough to power nearly 1000 homes for one year.

From smaller residential solar projects to large commercial/municipal projects we have the engineering, design and construction expertise to provide the ideal solar solution for your needs.

The Ross Solar Group Advantage

  • We install all solar projects in-house which is a highly efficient business model and ensures all questions/concerns that come up are immediately resolved.
  • Lead installer/designer Jason Ross has direct experience in installing over 300 solar systems and is one of a limited number of NABCEP-certified installers in the U.S.
  • We work with every major solar electric equipment supplier so that we can provide the ideal solution for each of our clients’ unique needs.
  • We’re an eligible installer under the New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) and can offer a variety of grants, credits, rebates and attractive lease options for both Residential and Commercial solar installations to make solar more affordable than ever. Take a look at what’s available in New Jersey below.

Solar Lease Options

A brand-new residential lease option is now available to all New Jersey Customers. The solar lease option allows homeowners, with good southern exposure, the ability to secure a PV system with little or no money down and earn positive cash flow starting the first year of operation. Please contact our office for more information.


Residential homeowners are entitled to the following incentives:

  1. 30% federal tax credit
  2. Solar Renewable Energy Credits 
  3. 12 months interest free financing available for qualified customers

What is a Solar Renewable Energy Credit?

New Jersey utility companies are required to offset their carbon emissions or face an ‘alternative compliance payment.’ In lieu of paying this penalty, utility companies will purchase the ‘carbon credits’ your system produces.

Please give us a call to discuss how SREC’s can generate additional reoccurring revenue for PV system owners in New Jersey.  The SREC also provides home owners access to a multitude of 3rd party and utility-based financing options.


On average, commercial solar electric systems in New Jersey will break even on a cash flow basis within three years. Commercial building owners are entitled to following incentives:

  1. SREC’s valued in range of $115 – $200 per SREC (Example: A 50 kW solar electric system will generate approximately 56 SREC’s per year) 
  2. 30% federal tax credit 
  3. 5 year accelerated MACRS depreciation + 50% Bonus depreciation for solar properties installed in 2012

Depending on your specific situation, there are various solar loans, including equipment leases, capital leases, and third-party power purchase agreements available for commercial building owners.  All these options make going solar easier and more affordable than ever.

Learn more about New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.


To contact our New Jersey office, please call us at (201) 993-7480 or fill out the short form at the top right of this page.


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