New York Grants, Rebates, and Credits


Residential Solar Incentives in New York


  1. NY-Sun Solar Electric Incentive Program – $0.80 cents per watt up to 25kW.
    Note: The state manages this under a Megawatt Block system. Three regions – Long Island, Con Edison territory, and upstate New York are allocated invidual MW targets, or blocks. Subsequent blocks are created when an active block capacity is met. Once all of the blocks for a particular region and sector are filled, an incentive for that region and sector will no longer be offered. Read more about it in Step 2 of this post.
  2. 30% Federal Tax Credit, which currently expires at the end of 2016. Read more about it at the Solar Energy Insdustries Association (SEIA) page on the credit.
  3. 25% New York State Tax Credit (capped at $5000). *This applies to Sunpower solar leased systems as well.
  4. New York City residents are also eligible for a property tax abatement incentive
  5. The Ross Solar Group offers all eligible customers the option to receive a 12 month interest free loan up to $45,000. Please contact our office for more information.
  6. Brand new solar lease option is available for New York state residents. Please contact our office for more information on a zero down monthly lease and prepaid lease options.


New York Net Metering Programs

Net Metering refers to a state established program in which your solar energy system is connected to your local power grid, while also allowing for any surplus power to be transmitted at any time. A bi-directional meter will track both the transmitted surplus as well as the electricity supplied and purchased from the utility. See more here in our FAQ section.

New York has a variety of programs that allow homeowners, building owners, and land owners the ability participate with the state’s major investor-owned utilities. Some public owned utilities have voluntarily offered programs with terms similar to those set by state law.

General Net Metering – This is the most common program for the state with capacity limits set by owner – 25kW for residential; 2MW for non-residential; and 100kW for agricultural. Aggregate capacity limits for each utility are generally set at 6% of a baseline electricity demand (2005).
The most important feature of any net metering program are the terms for compensating the owners for all surplus solar energy generation. In New York, customer net excess generation (NEG) in a given month is credited to the customer’s next bill at the utility’s retail rate. Annual cash-out of unused NEG is paid at the utility’s avoided cost.

Remote Net Metering – This program applies specifically to non-residential commercial and agricultural property and solar energy system owners. The law permits eligible customer-generators to designate net metering credits from equipment located on property which they own or lease to any other meter that is located on property owned or leased by that customer.

Community Net Metering – This program follows the common rules for most of its type, and is designed to permit renters, low-income residents, and homeowners to receive credits for renewable energy who previously could not install renewable generation facility in their homes. In New York, each project project requires a minimum of 10 members and includes specific guidelines that put boundaries on the subscribers, the solar energy system design and sizes, and the owners or sponsors of each installation. The program is in a trial phase ending in April of 2016.

We will keep you updated on the specifics of each program here.

Commercial Solar Incentives in New York


  • NYSERDA Rebate: ($.90 per watt first 50,000 watts & .55 cents for 50,001 through 200,000 watts)
  • 30% federal tax credit
  • 5 year MACRS depreciation
  • Property Tax Abatement: (New York City commercial customers are eligible for a 4 year property tax abatement based upon the project cost less the NYSERDA Rebate)


New York Solar Incentives for Non-Profits


  • $.90 per watt up to 50,000 watts

Learn more about the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

To view current NYSERDA funding levels please visit

Solarize Westchester

Ross Solar Group has been selectively chosen to work with the Solarize Ossining-Briarcliff and Solarize Bedford-Mt. Kisco programs as part of Westerchester County’s efforts to make solar technology more accessible.

Learn more about Ross Solar Group’s participation in NYSERDA’s Solarize Westchester campaign.

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